Ah, Nirvana – a perfect state or an idyllic place. For marketers, it’s hard to find.

The C-suite is looking for measurable, scalable value. Yet, according to a study by Forrester Research, 50 percent of B2B marketing executives find it difficult to attribute marketing activity directly to revenue results.

Marketing nirvana is achieved when all of your marketing tactics are measurable and aligned directly with sales outcomes. But how do organizations like yours turn measurable marketing into a reality?

That is the question that Erica Pierson, Managing Director at Strategic Communications Group(Strategic), addressed in last week’s webinar entitled, “The Path to Nirvana: How to Build Measurable Marketing Programs in a Corporate Environment.”

During the live Q&A, Erica shared her top three tips to align your programs with sales outcomes:

  • Understand what sales needs to achieve and how they have prioritized their goals.
  • Partner with sales every step of the way. It can be tempting to build an integrated program and unveil the results in a big “voila” moment. This approach often backfires. It is best to stay in lock-step with the sales team so you can adapt to any changes and keep the conversation open.
  • The critical success (or failure) factor is focus. Whether you are a multi-million dollar corporation or a growing start-up, without executive focus your measurable marketing program will never get off the ground.

Watch the entirety of Erica’s presentation below.

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