4 Keys for Success in Public Sector Marketing

by Jenna Sindle

While the majority of our time on Modern Marketing Today is spent discussing B2B marketing, we know that a large portion of our audience is also engaged in B2G, or business to government marketing. Public sector marketing is growing increasingly complex due to the environment in which agencies are now operating. Shrinking budgets and a growing demand to do more with less are just a few of the factors complicating the arena.

Too often companies marketing to the federal vertical tend to homogenize their strategy. Instead, companies need to take risks when it comes to marketing in this changing government environment.

Those were two key takeaways from a panel discussion last week looking at new research on the media consumption of federal decision-makers. The event took place on June 5 at the Gannett Conference Center in Mclean, Virginia.


The report was conducted by custom research firm Market Connections and TMP Government. The firms put together a panel of senior level marketing executives, including:

  • Patrick Burns, Senior Director, U.S. Public Sector Marketing, NetApp;
  • Nettie Johnson, Vice President, Marketing Communications, Lockheed Martin;
  • Mark Meudt, Vice President, Communications and Marketing, General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT);
  • Rebecca Umberger, Director, Public Sector Marketing, Dell Software.

The research documented that government decision-makers are accessing information in increasingly complex and fragmented ways. Companies looking to reach these decision-makers need to make sure they are accounting for print, digital, mobile and social media platforms in their communications plans.  More than 3,700 federal respondents replied to the surveys.

The survey presented at the event highlighted four keys for success in public sector marketing. Be sure to visit GovDataDownload for the full event coverage and to dive into the four major trends in B2G marketing.