Interactive Displays

5 Ways Immersive Presentations Help Marketers and Sales Professionals Close the Deal

by Chelsea Barone

Most high value B2B deals require face-to-face meetings to close the deal. In fact, prospects are twice as likely to turn into a customer with an in-person meeting.   As a result, many companies started building specialized presentation spaces and experience centers to increase the close rates.

However, companies are reporting that conversion rates from a visit to their experience center have fallen from a high of around 90% in the mid-2000s to as low as 60% percent today.  Why is this?  The overwhelming reason is that prospects are now seeing the same type of pitch everywhere, and it’s almost impossible for them to remember the key differences of the various products and services being pitched.

What would the impact be to your bottom line if you could increase your close rate by a minimum of 10% by turning your premium meeting spaces into immersive meeting spaces?  Prysm, a leading display and visual collaboration solutions provider, looks at 5 ways immersive presentation technology will help you close more deals, faster.

You can download their eBook entitled Increase B2B Close Rates: 5 Ways Immersive Presentations Help You Win below.