7 Important Traits that Successful CMOs in the Data-Driven Age have in Common

by Chelsea Barone

As marketers increasingly depend on the magic of martech, it’s not surprising that the way we operate has changed entirely. We are more data-driven. We are more objective. We employ more “big picture” thinking, all because of the immense perspective that data and technology provides us. So naturally, the world’s leading CMOs blaze the trail in utilizing that new perspective.

In a recent article on Martech Today, contributor, and seasoned marketer, Andy Betts, details the seven most important traits he’s noticed in some of the most successful CMOs.

He pointed out, “The transformation that many CMOs have been through over these last decades has been radical. Everything from their playing field to their equipment to the skills required of their team members has massively changed. They’ve had to update not just their approach, but their entire mindset.”

Here are some of the traits he identified as being vital:

  • CMOs have unusual left & right brain balance – “This innate ability to think both creatively and logically will only grow in importance as technologies like AI become more mainstream. AI might still seem abstract and futuristic for some, but the reality is that it’s working its way into martech stacks and workflows as we speak.”
  • CMOs are courageous – “Courage is an incredibly important trait in the constantly shifting and evolving martech landscape, where ad tech and martech are increasingly converging and consumers demand the breaking down of barriers to their seamless decision-making.”
  • CMOs are contagiously agile – “Marketing is no longer a standalone department; it’s larger, more diverse and further reaching than ever before. As the person who leads this critically important department, the CMO may actually be leading across a wider swath of the organization or even leading organizational change as a whole.”

You can read the full list of traits and Bett’s analysis on them on Martech Today.


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