leading with your heart

A CMO’s Take: Leading with Your Heart – Insights from Paige O’Neill with Sitecore

by Kelsey Winick

As consumers turn more frequently to digital channels, it has become critical for brands to connect with their customers on a personal level. By leading with your heart, brands are able to build long-lasting and meaningful relationships with customers. The way that brands can do this is through their customer experience (CX) strategy and powering it with content that puts customers first.

During the recent Sitecore Symposium, a global digital marketing conference, Paige O’Neill, Sitecore Chief Marketing Officer, shared how CX is important for building human connections with customers – even more so as we rely on digital interactions.

“The pandemic has shown us that customer needs can change very quickly,” O’Neill said. “Customers want to feel listened to; they want to feel valued at all times really, but even more so during times of critical needs. Brands are being judged on how they respond to those customer demands in that moment.”

O’Neill also shared that 62 percent of consumers feel they have a relationship with a brand while 42 percent of companies claim they don’t ask their customers for any type of feedback about how they’re doing, what their service levels are, or how they are enjoying the products and interactions.

“How brands make [customers] feel is two times more important than any other factor,” O’Neill said.

When brands deliver on the needs of the customers through CX, they are able to build trust. Brands should focus on implementing empathetic digital customer experiences that drive an emotional connection, O’Neill explained.

“Creating content to be able to meet needs in the moment and show that you understand how customers are feeling is the foundation of a successful customer experience,” she said.

Focus on leading with your heart to establish connections with customers that will strengthen brand loyalty with current – and future – customers.

To learn more about how to create stronger human connections with customers, explore Paige O’Neill’s full presentation and top sessions on Sitecore’s Symposium 2020 Online page.