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A Secret Weapon for Marketers: SaaS-Based Web Content Management

by Chelsea Barone

As a marketer it often feels like your job is bordering on the impossible. And nowhere is this more true than when it comes to building a high-quality online experience for your customers. Those who can afford enterprise-grade solutions have been afforded an inherent advantage, particularly when it comes to web content management tools in an age where customer experience is king.

But what if there was a secret weapon for mid-market organizations that gave them capabilities of enterprise-grade web content management tools but without the expense. Imagine being able to access the scalability, speed-to-market, and customization capabilities to help your organization grow.

Last month, ModMark Radio’s Peter Jacobs spoke with Rick Shepherd, Vice President, Inside Sales – North America for Sitecore, Martin Knudsen, Partner and Co-Founder of XCentium, and Paul Coleman, Chief Technology Officer of Nexford University about how lower to mid-market organizations can excel at web content management by using SaaS technologies to deliver that success.

We continued this conversation on a ModMark Infocast, diving deeper into what elements of a web content management solution really bring effective, engaging, and affordable content management to life for the often-overlooked middle market. In this conversation, our group of thought leaders unpacked Sitecore KickStart and XCentium’s Flex Accelerator solutions and outlined how they were able to bring Nexford University’s customer-ready website to life in just 54 days.

Watch the Infocast Here

“Sitecore Kickstart is that happy solution to our problem really. It’s, in a SaaS way, alleviating all of the headaches of an enterprise solution,” noted Coleman. “It takes care of the up-time, the security, the patching of the software and certainly running of the infrastructure, which can be a huge problem and certainly would be a deal-breaker for us.” Coleman went on to explain how in addition to side-stepping all of those problems, Sitecore Kickstart supported by XCentium’s Flex Accelerator is a robust solution that provides rich, customizable features and high accessibility across teams. This means that the marketing team can easily implement the level of personalization that drives lead interest without draining the resources of the IT teams.

To learn more about how disrupters like Nexford University are leveraging web content management platforms like Sitecore Kickstart and XCentium’s Flex Accelerator, watch the whole infocast here.