by Jenna Sindle

In today’s tech-saturated world, marketers and sales professionals are in fierce competition to connect with their prospects and customers. Not only is it difficult to stand-out in a noisy marketplace, but customers are well into their decision-making phase before ever being in contact with a vendor.

As a result, marketing and sales teams must join forces to embrace new technologies and tactics to reach their prospects and nurture their customers throughout their journey with their brand. Aligning marketing and sales is no longer a concept – it’s an imperative.

Enter the age of modern marketing and sales. Through innovative technology, valuable content and cutting-edge marketing strategies, this movement has transformed how companies identify leads, cultivate prospect relationships and close deals.

Modern Marketing Today is positioned at the intersection of marketing, sales, and technology, and serves as a resource and open forum for marketers and sales professionals in all fields to discuss the best practices that define the world of modern marketing and sales.