“All About Experience” Spotlight Shines on Joe Chernov

by Jenna Sindle

To create and market content that will engage an audience and produce business results is no easy task. There are many intricacies involved when deciding which content development and content marketing strategy to pursue. The right combination can increase awareness, engagement and lead generation for companies.

We recently had the pleasure of connecting with Joe Chernov, Vice President of Content Marketing at Eloqua. Joe spoke with us about his role at Eloqua and the valuable content he and his team develop to produce results. Joe also pointed to a few sessions corporate marketers should check out at the highly anticipated Eloqua Experience 2012 event in November.

Can you provide us a little background on your role at Eloqua?

My role is essentially to get new DNA into Eloqua’s prospect gene pool. This is accomplished through articles secured via PR, recommendations made by analysts, and content that we publish for others to consume and share. I see my role as an advocate for the prospective customer by making sure the content we produce is faithful to their interests – not our own.

What do you want your readers to walk away with from the content you produce?

I want our readers to think of Eloqua’s content as performing a service. I want them to feel a sense of pride when they discover – and help others discover – an infographic or video. I want them to feel a burst of confidence when they learn something new in one of our eBooks or presentations. Regardless of the format, I want them to walk away thinking, “I would have paid for this stuff, and yet these guys gave it away–for free!”

What are some of the sessions you recommend marketers check out at the Eloqua Experience 2012 (EE12NA) conference in November? Are there any sessions that you will host?

Our sessions on measuring the impact of modern marketing are very strong. Eloqua is inherently a very analytical company, and marketing analytics has truly “come of age.” I honestly can’t think of an organization better suited than Eloqua to present credibly on measuring the business impact of marketing. Also, our Markie Awards are always a hit. It’s probably the most inspirational three hours of the year for Eloqua staff and customers.

I will be hosting a session with Kapost and Compendium on the topic of content marketing.

Do you have plans to extend content leading up to and following the conference?

We are working on several pieces of content leading up to Eloqua Experience. One particular project, which I cannot reveal just yet, is something I am uniquely proud of. We are trying to fuse several content types into a new format, and, in doing so, deliver value and create a community. Like I said, it’s a real mash-up!