B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing Trends that Will Take Us into 2019 and Beyond

by Chelsea Barone

Believe it or not, the first half of 2018 came and went; we’re now only left with 4 short months before 2019. And with every New Year comes change, B2B marketing teams included. It’s that time whenyour team decides what worked and what didn’t. What needs to be tweaked and what needs to be nixed to make the next year better than the last.

In a recent Forbes article, Mike Neumeier, CMO at Principal at Arketi Group, shared a few trends that B2B marketing teams should consider for their plans in the coming year. Here are a couple of our favorites that he covered in his article that we strive to accomplish at Strategic Communications Group:

  • Give Thought to Thought Leadership – Neumeier noted, “Before simply ordering your marketing team to get more expert thought leadership coverage, it pays to take time to develop a unique and authentic point-of-view.” Don’t simply produce content to increase visibility; create content that presents a thought-provoking stance or stirs conversation among your peers. To be a true thought leader, you have to actually lead in thoughts. This means utilizing knowledge in your industry and taking it one step further. You are the expert after all!
  • Deliver a Personalized and Interactive ExperiencePersonalization and interactivity are definitely important elements to weave into today’s marketing strategies. As Neumeier put it, “[Prospects] don’t just want to acquire information — they want to experience it.” Attention to this preference is what differentiates good marketers from great ones. Neumeier spoke specifically about the impact that personalized videos have on consumers and their conversion and engagement abilities. “Beyond the sheer surprise value, personalized videos also allow convenient calls-to-action to be embedded in the video,” he explained.

How is your company planning to adapt to these trends in 2019? You can read Neumeier’s full article on Forbes here.