Best of 2019: SaaS Helps Organizations Maximize Web Content Affordably, Top Trends in Web Design

by Margaret Brown

Every year, we look back to determine which of our stories are resonating with readers like you. In 2019, finding ways to maximize websites and the impact of their content were the most sought-after posts on Modern Marketing Today. Web content management should be easy while engaging and effective. It also should be affordable. In addition to trends in web design, our readers were looking for information about how SaaS web content management solutions could help mid-market and smaller companies create and maintain scalable, attractive, and engaging without needing an enterprise-sized budget. To learn more about – and find out how SaaS helps organizations maximize web content affordably – read our most popular stories of 2019:

Webcast: Maximizing the Impact of Web Content Management with SaaS Technology

Scalability and speed-to-market can both be make-or-break factors for growth-oriented companies. Bringing an offering to market more quickly than your competition can make all the difference in your company’s ability to influence the buying decisions of your target market. And, being able to grow with your audience and keep pace with their demands can determine if your company is in it for the long haul or just another one-hit wonder. Since one of the key ways that customer relationships are managed is through your website, it makes sense that a web content management solution that checks all of your boxes should be an important part of your organization’s road map to success. In this story, we dove deeper into what elements of a web content management solution really bring effective, engaging, and affordable content management to life for the often-overlooked middle market by looking at how Sitecore KickStart and XCentium’s Flex Accelerator solutions brought Nexford University’s customer-ready website to life in just 54 days.

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Why Mid-Market Organizations Are Looking to SaaS for Web Content Management

As a growth-oriented organization being able to differentiate your company from established players and deliver on your value proposition is key to winning and maintaining business. Web content management, one of the platforms for customer and partner interaction, is no exception. But finding the right web content management solution that fits your budget, scalability needs, and operational needs, not to mention extras like customizability and aesthetic, can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. SaaS technologies are key.

“We’ve been able to free up capital and internal effort to align far better with our mission,” stated Coleman. “We’re trying to disrupt the higher education market, and anything that distracts us from that is a problem and is going to impede our delivering on that mission.”

Listen to the full conversation about the ins and outs of meeting lower and mid-market organization web content management needs and how Nexford University broke the mold with Sitecore Kickstart and XCentium and read the story here.

Top 5 Web Design Trends For 2019

Web design is one of the most complex and dynamic areas of an organization today. Because it’s subject to shifts in trends more than other marketing mediums, it’s imperative to stay current on web design trends. A lot changes in 12 months, especially when it comes to popularity of design, algorithm updates, technology, and best practices. With the release of every new smartphone, desktop display, and tablet there are significant advances in display technologies enabling web designers to do things they’ve never done before. It wasn’t long ago that web designers and developers were limited to “web-safe” and flat colors, a few select fonts, one-page designs, and boxy layouts. Lately, however, user experience (UX) has been the driving force behind many of these new and innovative web design trends. Let’s explore some of the more notable web design trends poised to take over in 2019.

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