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Brick-and-Mortar is Dead! Long Live Brick-and-Mortar!

by Jackie Davis

Online shopping. So easy, so convenient, and so established. Brick-and-mortar stores, on the other hand, could use some help. Messy aisles, confusing advertising, and long checkout lines are all too common. Despite the clear trend toward online shopping, some retailers are diving back into the brick-and-mortar pool to broaden their brand reach. From a store packed with the best-rated items in New York City to a night shopping experience in Los Angeles, this new age of brick-and-mortar just might surprise you. 

Another Amazon Store

On top of Amazon Go, the company is opening another brick-and-mortar store that only sells products from their website rated four stars or above. The store opened earlier this month in New York’s SoHo neighborhood and offers Prime members a new way to shop. A permanent store armed with cashiers is a new venture for Amazon which has taken on Whole Foods and owns multiple book storefronts across the country. 

“Brick-and-mortar stores create customer touchpoints for the retailer – opportunities to interact on a personal and human level and offer their customers a new type of experience with the brand,” said Bill McKeogh, retail expert with Pitney Bowes on the interesting Amazon move. 

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Slashing Square Footage 

Kohl’s, known for cashback and seemingly endless items, is undergoing a brand rejuvenation. The giant brick-and-mortar stores will be decreased in size to better suit customer interests and offer select merchandise that is popular in that area. Using localization data, Kohl’s can determine what will sell in what time of year, providing customers with the items they actually want. 

 “We’re more focused on it being a great customer experience and making sure that the customer is happy when they do arrive in a Kohl’s store because that gives us the best opportunity to convert them into a sale,” said Kevin Mansell, Kohl’s former CEO.

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Figs First Storefront 

Figs, one of the fastest-growing companies the in the United States, opened its first brick-and-mortar store in Los Angeles. The $60 million company sells medical apparel from stylish scrubs to trendy non-slip shoes. The store is home to the Figs Medicine Cabinet which offers the perfect backdrop for a selfie, “night shift” shopping hours to cater to working professionals, and multiple special events. 

“Medical professionals have never had the opportunity to shop for their uniforms like they would regular clothes, despite wearing scrubs more frequently than any other article of clothing they own,” said Heather Hasson, co-founder and co-CEO, Figs. “We wanted our pop-up shop to feel lively and playful, but also modern.”

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The Shopify Shop 

Shopify Inc., which opened its first physical store last week, is offering more of a showroom than a shop. The space will hold a small selection of merchandise that will only be available to purchase online. The shop aims to help brands with a focus on community and entrepreneurship. The Shopify store will host workshop, events, and talks to introduce local merchants to potential customers. 

“Our focus is on building a global company and we have always had an amazing and large presence of merchants in the U.S., but there is absolutely room for us to grow and create more entrepreneurs,” said Satish Kanwar, Shopify’s vice-president of product. 

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