emotional connection

Building Customer Experience with Artificial intelligence and Emotional Connection

by Kelsey Winick

“Eighty-three percent of customers are more likely to purchase from a brand they have an emotional connection to,” said Annette Franz, Founder and CEO of CX Journey Inc., during the recent webinar “Breaking through the digital noise: What’s emotion got to do with it?”

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“Emotional connections are becoming increasingly important in a digital-first world,” Franz added. “Brands with less mission-driven messages, or messages that don’t even align with the consumers’ values, may see a drop in sales.”

So, what does emotion have to do with artificial intelligence (AI)?

As digital experiences continue to take up more of our daily interactions, AI is helping brands to better connect with people by helping them leverage crucial behavior data and shape a digital experience that shows they care. Building a customer experience with AI goes full circle.

Through the power of AI, brands are able to understand their customers’ data to better meet their needs. It also aid in the creation of highly personalized customer experiences that can cost significantly less than traditional high-dollar campaigns, according to Jill Grozalsky, Product Marketing Director at Sitecore, a leader in the space.

The conversations around AI and customer experience are increasing as the algorithms around automation are becoming more and more sophisticated,” said Grozalsky.

While AI can assist in delivering personalization or creating content, there are still things such as demand generation and emotional appeal that will always belong to the marketer, she explained.

“[AI] can’t put data in context of the customer experience,” Grozalsky said.“It’s important to have a human approach so you can align performance data to business goals and really make the connection to your brand’s customer journey.”

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