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Making Marketing Magic: 3 Tips and 3 Videos

This week on LinkedIn Strategic’s CEO, Marc Hausman, pondered the question of whether marketers have lost their mojo as they’ve become more focused on analytics-driven campaigns and results. It’s easy to see how this can happen as data provides tangible metrics to link back...

Marketers and Artificial Intelligence: The Coming Revolution

Many articles I’ve read recently about Artificial Intelligence (AI) suggest that marketers should be using AI and those who aren’t are desperately behind. But what exactly is Artificial Intelligence and how can it help marketers deliver value to their organization?

Approaching Marketing Strategy from an Engineer’s Perspective

Marketing is the hub for a typical company’s relationship with its customers and prospects – it’s where it all comes together. Marketing assimilates customer feedback, social media conversations, product features, messaging, big data, process, algorithms and technology to develop strategies that reach out to...