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How Immersive Displays are Up-Leveling the Digital Revolution in Sales

A recent report released by leading analyst firm, Gartner, identified some of the key challenges that businesses are facing when it comes to keeping pace with customer and employee expectations around digital transformation.  Deliver Digital Business Results by Boosting Workforce Digital Dexterity revealed that...

Connecting Engagement to Demand: A Modern Marketer’s Mission

Today’s marketers are faced with a rapidly changing digital world where traditional marketing techniques are becoming less effective. On top of brand awareness and thought leadership, marketers are expected to procure leads for their sales team while connecting engagement to demand. Marketing strategies must...

Storytelling Delivers Value at Every Stage of the Customer Relationship

The SiriusDecisionsSales Leadership Exchange in Scottsdale, Arizona, is wrapping up, so it's time ask what the compelling takeaways were from this week's event.With engaging talks by folks from Apptio, Corporate Visions, Nuance Communications and, of course, SiriusDecisions, the concept of empowering sales teams with the right tools from the beginning took center stage this year. Preparing sales teams in the field with the right content and tools sets them up for success when it comes to both closing the deal and nurturing relationships.