CMO at FireEye Highlights the Importance of Branding

by Jackie Davis

Branding. It’s more than a striking logo, creative copy, or memorable hashtags – it’s how all these things work together to embody the essence of your brand. It’s the feelings, the thoughts, and the actions that your messaging evokes. Undoubtedly, it’s an important – if not the most important – aspect of marketing.

One company that is showing the cybersecurity industry the importance of branding is FireEye. Led by their CMO Vasu Jakkal, FireEye has not only refreshed their branding but reevaluated what their company means and how it should be represented.

In a recent blog post, Jakkal explored their brand refresh and what it takes to stand out in the crowded world of cybersecurity technology. “Brand is the totality and essence of a company, and our FireEye brand encompasses everything about FireEye: our purpose, our story, our reputation, our people, our customers, our partners, and our ecosystem. It also defines who we are beneath the surface: our identity, our personality, our work ethic, our integrity, and our attitude. Our brand reflects who we are and who we aspire to be,” said Jakkal.

As companies evolve over the years, it’s important that their branding reflects that. Revamping a logo, social media platforms, and website designs are all part of staying current. “We’re aligning our broader brand identity and the visual language we use to communicate our message with the world,” said Jakkal. “We needed a unique approach to our brand and how we communicate our value proposition. The cybersecurity industry is crowded and noisy and includes more than 2,500 companies by most measures.”

“When you look across that landscape, it is confusing, and there is not a lot of differentiation among their creative approaches. We knew we needed a stand-out creative approach to authentically reflect who we are and how we’re so importantly different from everyone else. Our creative approach took form as a very bold visual language, that was unique and authentic to us,” explained Jakkal.

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