While there are many resources and events created for B2B marketers, B2G marketers often find themselves with little direction when it comes to truly connecting with prospects. That’s why this week’s GAIN 2016 conference is so unique. For two days B2G marketers will come together to discuss best practices and share insight.

Here to share some pre-conference advice for connecting with your government prospects are Demand Marketing Solutions’ Stacey Holguin, VP of Operations, and David Crow, Director of Business Development.

Tell us a little about your backgrounds and your current roles at Demand Marketing Solutions.

Stacey: I started my career in this industry in the early 2000s. I’ve spent time in several roles including making outbound calls, backend quality control and call center/project management; but I’m most excited about my current role with Demand Marketing Solutions.

As VP of Operations, I’m in a position to utilize my 15+ years of experience to lead our team in the manner I believe to be most effective. And since I’ve spent a good amount of time on the phone early in my career, I’m quite comfortable rolling up my sleeves and challenging our agents by working right alongside them.  I am personally involved in the implementation and management of every campaign, and oftentimes will remain the primary point of contact until the campaign is complete.

David: My career in the teleservices industry started in 1999 in an 85-seat B2B call center in Phoenix, Arizona. In order to learn the business and industry from the ground up, I started on the phones, moved into a supervisor position and eventually worked my way into the role of Director of Business Development.

After a few years, I partnered with my father to start a virtual call center; he headed up the software, technology and data side; I managed sales, marketing and campaign implementations. Over 10 years it grew into a very successful virtual call center operation servicing clients like SAP, Siemens, LinkedIn and Google. When my father retired, I sold the company and moved on to develop and run the implementation department for one of the top B2B appointment setting firms in the country.

My next stop was joining DMS. Taking on the Director of Business Development has been re-energizing as I am back to my roots; meeting with prospects, learning about new companies, products and services – and applying the knowledge and experience I’ve gathered over 17 years. Stacey and I work great together, pooling our collective expertise and ensuring each client has the best possible chance to succeed.

Tell us more about Demand Marketing Solutions. What solutions do you offer to the government marketer?

We help government marketers identify and connect with their target prospects. Today’s marketers develop great messaging that resonates with government contacts, but it’s not always clear who those contacts are or how the message can be delivered most effectively. It’s very common for our clients to know which organizations they need to penetrate, but don’t have info on who the key players are. By utilizing seasoned, professional calling agents and proven call strategies, we’re able to identify and connect with those key players, nurture them until they are ready and then turn them over to our clients when the time is right.

We take on the often under-prioritized task of reaching out to prospects in person and providing the human touch that is critical in building customer relationships.

We take the time to understand each client’s goals and work closely with them to create a campaign that will play an integral part in achieving those goals.  Other firms do what we do, and some do it very well, but very few are able to customize what they do to fit each of their clients’ unique needs. Plus many other firms don’t understand that there are critical differences and subtle nuances between B2B and B2G calling. That understanding is only acquired by years of experience; and unfortunately the lack of that understanding can torpedo B2G outbound calling efforts.  

Demand Marketing Solutions is sponsoring GAIN 2016, a one-of-a-kind event for marketers in the government space. What are you most looking forward to at the conference?

We’re looking forward to meeting the folks who love doing what we love doing and we hope it will be a great opportunity to learn and share ideas with like-minded government marketers. We are also excited to meet people who have needs that can be fulfilled by our services and who are looking to partner for a long-term solution with the right provider.

Anything else to add?

Stacey: How exciting to be coming to the heart of where government marketing lives!

David: DMS is awesome and everyone in at the conference should take advantage of our services!


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