Connecting Engagement to Demand: A Modern Marketer’s Mission

by Jenna Sindle

Today’s marketers are faced with a rapidly changing digital world where traditional marketing techniques are becoming less effective. On top of brand awareness and thought leadership, marketers are expected to procure leads for their sales team while connecting engagement to demand. Marketing strategies must evolve to engage and direct the customer creating measurable results and leads.

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To make these connections possible, marketers rely on an arsenal of automated tools to gain insight about lead generation campaigns. Automated tools can help collect valuable data that guide the next steps of engaging customers and prospects. Technologies such as this are helping marketers generate engagement with target audiences and convert that engagement to demand for products or services. This enables marketers to determine the effectiveness of their campaigns, helping to stay within an often limited marketing budget.

A recent study by Modern Marketing Today found that sales integration is one of the biggest stress points for marketers. Thirty-six percent of marketers are actively researching sales integration and marketing automation tools to improve their ROI. These technologies help marketers become more efficient and effective while keeping a trackable outcome.

The study also found that marketers can enhance their ROI by sharing content on appropriate channels. Seventy-seven percent of readers found Modern Marketing Today through LinkedIn while only 11 percent came through Twitter and Facebook. Using social media and online networks for content promotion and connecting brands with audiences was one of the topics Modern Marketing Today readers found most interesting.

Staying connected with your audience and targeting their interests is key. Marketers can use data to create engaging campaigns that will draw in customers using content that reflects their interests, fulfilling their demand.

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