Converge 2019

Converge 2019: What Every Marketer Should Know

by Jackie Davis

As every marketer knows, there are many marketing conferences each year and many of them deliver similar messages to the audience. One that brings something different to the table is Converge, a digital marketing conference focused on education. And while every marketer may not be working in education, there are many trends, topics, and technologies that apply across all fields of marketing.

The three-day conference brought together a variety of influencers including deans, digital strategists, and CMOs. One notable attendee, Amanda King, with Carnegie Melon University, was brushing up on her Google Analytics and digital marketing strategy, accompanied by many other higher education attendees.

Many colleges and universities were in attendance to boost their data-driven marketing strategy. Content, the foundation of these strategies, needs to be strong, but also call the viewer to engage and take action. Multiple speakers touched on the evolution that is taking place in higher education marketing, it isn’t so much about the institutions, but about the people who comprise it and connecting their engagement to demand.

Converge gives marketers, especially those in the higher ed scene, the opportunity to learn from the best. With workshops, breakout sessions, and keynotes focusing on everything education including next-gen digital marketing, marketers from all walks can learn something new. Afterall, who doesn’t need to brush up on their content strategy and Google Analytics?

Those in attendance walked away with insights from the best education marketers and leaders. From content strategy to digital targeting and data-driven insights, marketers know the trends to follow. The biggest trend wave? Video. Many speakers touched on the importance of engaging with this digital medium to connect with audiences.

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