When crafting content for your Web2Sales program, try subscribing to the 3 E’s as a general rule: it needs to engage, educate, and when appropriate, entertain. Give people a reason to read your content. Don’t focus on how great your company or service may be. Focus on how you can make consumers more successful. When strategizing an editorial strategy, you may want to consider some of these categories for exceptional and valuable content:

Rapid response:

A rapid response is a quick-turnaround piece that establishes your company’s perspective on a key issue in the market. It is generally based off an existing piece of material that has been published by a credible source.

News roundup:

News roundups curate content to attract specific customers and/or prospects. It’s best to gather four to six pieces of content that revolve around a single theme, and that mention sales targets and partners, and bring them together in a single article.

Repurposed content:

In many instances, it’s also wise to add unique insight, perspective or analysis about the content you’ve curated. Again, it is all part of delivering a unique experience for readers. You can link back to content that has appeared on a different site in order to highlight a subject matter expert’s work on another publication and to foster their reputation as an industry thought leader. Be sure to always respect copyright by linking to the original site.

Subject matter expert interview:

The subject matter expert interview is that exclusive piece of content created from an interview with an expert for their unique perspective on a timely topic. You can format the content in several ways: a written Q&A, a one-onone podcast, a panel discussion podcast, video interview, etc.

Re-engineered video:

Repurposing existing video content is a great way to extend its use and influence. Keep the newly cut video length between two and three minutes, and add new insight when appropriate.

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