Cultivating Credibility: An Exclusive Q&A with Natalia Kossobokova of SES Government Solutions

by Jenna Sindle

The modern consumer has a lot of control over the content they see on a daily basis. Customers will not waste their time on content that does not address their needs or offer value. That’s why it is imperative that marketers tailor their content to suit their prospect’s needs. Here, Natalia Kossobokova, Director of Marketing and Communications at SES Government Solutions, discusses the importance of gaining credibility through valuable content:


Tell us a little about your role at SES Government Solutions.


I manage all advertising campaigns, press engagements and our presence at over 50 customer-facing events per year.


What are some of your top marketing priorities for 2015?


My top priority is to run a highly targeted marketing and corporate communications campaign. This involves educating customers about our unique custom satellite solutions, which are shaped according to their requirements. In addition to this, we want to positively influence U.S. Government satellite procurement practices in order to improve access to critical satellite communications for our customers.


If a marketer asked you what one thing they could do right now to take their organization to the next level, what advice would you give them?


Make your customer’s life easier by providing custom content tailored to their needs. This will enhance credibility and trust in your brand by setting you apart as the top industry expert. It will also drive more leads to your sales team.


Is there any campaign or client work that you’re particularly proud of?


We are a key contributor to The GovSat Report, which is generating leads for our sales team, enhancing our social media presence and driving increased traffic to our site. This publication covers recent technologies and policies impacting the commercial satellite industry today.


What are you looking forward to most at the 2015 Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit?


I look forward to learning about all the new trends, tips and innovative tools out there in the marketing field today.