The Road to Customer Advocacy is Paved at SiriusDecisions Summit

by Chelsea Barone

The SiriusDecisions 2018 Summit is underway and attendees have a lot to say about the first day and a half on site. To no one’s surprise, “Poker Princess” Molly Bloom was a massive crowd pleaser and had some interesting insights about some of the more raw elements of marketing. Attendees also learned a lot about measuring against the right KPIs and what metrics really reflect success in a data-driven world, which dovetailed nicely with the sentiment of practicing customer advocacy.

Here are some of our favorite Tweets on the ground at SiriusDecisions 2018 Summit thus far:


As we mentioned, Molly Bloom had a lot of wisdom to share with SiriusDecisions attendees about the hard works that goes into successful marketing and the sometimes not-so-glamourous steps that lead to success. She also communicated the importance of authenticity and how customers are the most valuable part of your sales team.


But you can’t make effective sellers out of your customers without them being invested in your brand. Other SiriusDecisions speakers dove into a metric that has emerged in the data-driven marketing game: engagement. Success is not measured anymore by the length of the list of names you captured. It’s about getting people to really engage with and believe in your brand. Data-driven marketing allows for the necessary level of personalization to make that a reality.

Nothing strengthens a customer connection like authenticity. SiriusDecisions attendees continued to show their belief in the power of being genuine and empowering the customer by advocating for their needs and expectations.

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