Danielle Rogers of SolarWinds Reflects on the Importance of Mentorship

by Chelsea Barone

Previously we spoke  with Danielle Rogers, a Federal Marketing Specialist at SolarWinds about important steps budding marketers must take to start their career off on the right foot. We continued our conversation with Danielle and dug into the importance of quality mentorship and how strong leadership translates into success as a marketer. Here are Danielle’s thoughts on mentors and leaders in her career and how they helped shape her into the marketer she is today.

CB: What do leadership traits to do you look for in a manager?

Danielle Rogers, Federal Marketing Specialist at SolarWinds

DR: I would have to say some of my best managers are those who not only monitor my progress, but also take out the time to help me understand how I can evolve. Mistakes happen in so many different scenarios and it’s those managers that use the specific tasks or projects you’re working on as learning tools that are most valuable. To me, that’s my best motivation because that’s tells me that you trust me; that you not only know that I can execute this task to the best of my ability, but you also know that I will do everything in my power to deliver the best possible outcome for this project. It empowers me and that type of attitude makes me want to work that much harder.

I value the trust that my managers have placed in me to do my job well and it makes me want to excel. That way both of us can succeed and both of us can surpass our targets. We can focus on how to do our jobs well and how to do them together.

CB: Have you had a mentor before and, if so, what were your biggest takeaways from that relationship?

DR: I have and I actually had the good fortune of meeting my mentor during my early years in college. It was perfect timing because it was at a turning point in my life when I really wanted to make a decision on my career path and what I wanted to accomplish post-graduation. One of the greatest takeaways that she gave me was the importance of leaving a good impression with your boss. If that means arriving early for work or staying late or working overtime to get the task completed, that kind of mindset builds a rapport with not just your direct supervisor but your company as a whole.

I would also say that mindset opens doors to next steps in your career because once you instill that type of a relationship and rapport, your responsibilities could translate into different facets of your role and expand your value to the company.

Another really important takeaway that my mentor gave me was to never feel discouraged when you haven’t achieved your “ideal job” at a certain point in your life. There were so many times where I felt that at a certain age, I was stuck or I wasn’t where I was supposed to be or I was falling behind on my career goals. It can be so frustrating, but my mentor encouraged me to take something of value away from every position that I have held. She insisted that I shouldn’t take any job or internship for granted.

My career path has been very diverse, but one constant that I always take pride in is making sure that my job is done to the best of my ability and done thoroughly. Every experience is an important tool that shapes me into a better marketer and I have her to thank for that.

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