Digital Workspace

PODCAST: Defining and Developing the Digital Workspace

by Chelsea Barone

It’s not a secret that the workplace is evolving into a place that is more digitally focused. This digital revolution is pushing companies to embrace more modernized, engaging ways of collaborating with their employees and, as a result, is making it easier for companies to connect in a more intuitive way with their customers. That elevated connection is what consumers today are coming to expect, so companies are asking themselves how to jumpstart their development of a digital workspace.

What’s more is that this prioritization of digital dexterity and the creation of a digital workspace transcend industries. From higher education, to retail, to healthcare – they all benefit from the ability to collaborate with their teams and connect with their customers in an intuitive and inclusive way, regardless of location.

Learn More About Visual Workplaces

To unpack the trend of the digital revolution, the Modern Marketing Today team recently spoke with Prysm’s Director of Strategic Engagement Darrin Brooks and AVI-SPL’s Sales Director Bill Schmidt about how this increase in digital dexterity is powering best practices in business that ultimately improve a company’s bottom line.

We wanted to delve further into this concept with Bill and Darrin and learn more about the state of today’s workplace, why it’s a perfect setting for the adoption of leading technology like immersive, interactive displays, and what that means for companies who are ready to leverage this technology to succeed.

In this discussion, Darrin and Bill cover societal trends driving the transformation of today’s workplace, how employee data interactions are becoming more advanced and productive, and what goes into the process of creating a visually-powered, digital workspace.

You can listen to their whole discussion with ModMark Radio host Peter Jacobs here:

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