Demonstrating Impact: Advice from Industry Leaders on How to Drive Revenue and Determine ROI

by Jenna Sindle

Did you know that only 21 percent of marketers say they are successful tracking ROI?  Yikes!

The findings from a recent study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute are certainly disconcerting.  If we as marketers are unable to demonstrate measurable impact from our programs, are we destined to be viewed by executive leadership as merely a cost?

Steve Barnard, Director of Commercial and Public Sector Marketing at Lenovo, says that the key is to craft revenue-driven campaigns that are both purposeful and measurable.

According to Steve, “Too often, marketers do one-off campaigns that aren’t measureable and instead just focus on shiny objects, not real business-oriented results like revenue”.

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In order to drive revenue effectively, it’s essential for marketers to be in sync with their organization’s sales reps.  According to MarketingProfs, companies with aligned sales and marketing teams generated 208 percent more revenue from promotional activities.

Clearly identifying how your buyers buy — from initial research, vendor identification and assessment, to selection and post purchase analysis — gives you the ability to connect with customers at each point in the journey. Sales reps have a front row seat to the buying process.

For an inside look into what today’s sales leaders expect from the modern marketer, check out the below webinar replay featuring Kurt Gastrock, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Sales at Neustar.
Of course, once you have an understanding of the buyers’ journey, it is time to craft a content marketing strategy that nurtures a prospect at each turn.  That’s how deals are closed and how long-standing, profitable relationships are nurtured.

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