Dissecting Data: Q&A with Carol Scott of Mattr

by Jenna Sindle

Understanding your target audience is crucial for successfully navigating today’s marketing landscape and reaching those that you want to reach. Luckily, there are many digital platforms where consumers spend their time, making data and actionable insight abundant. However, data is just data until you learn to dissect and understand it to better connect with your audience.

At the Inbound Marketing Summit (IMS) in San Francisco, we were lucky enough to connect with Carol Scott, Director of Marketing at Mattr, a company that provides the clearest and most complete view of your brand audience. After going through a recent brand redesign, we reconnected to talk social data, prospect behavior, and more.

Mattr Logo_Black BG_ HorizontalTell us about Mattr and what is so unique about the app that you offer:
Mattr has created the first in an eventual suite of tools that evaluates user-generated data to discover underlying personality characteristics. Our ‘Brands App’ provides a clear and colorful picture of a brand’s engaged online social audience. The data we provide goes beyond demographics and interests, using Aaker’s Personality Model and Big Five Personality research to build algorithms that can accurately segment audiences based on personality type. The Brands App can be considered a faster, cheaper option for a traditional focus group.

Why is all this data so important? Social data is daunting because there is so much of it, it’s difficult to know where to begin understanding it…why should companies bother?
Social media holds a goldmine of consumer information, especially when it comes to market and consumer insights. Consumers are telling you the music they listen to, the brands they love, their favorite TV shows, and the celebrities they follow. But beyond this, they’re telling you a lot about who they are as a person.

It’s been proven that both the way people write and the way they speak say something about the type of people they are. Everything from the types of words they tend to use, to the exclamation points ending their sentences, gives you insight into whether they’re extroverted, introverted, neurotic or conscientious. Combine all of this consumer info ­– personality, demographics, and interests – into unique brand Personas, and you have some very valuable segmentation data to use strategically in your various marketing campaigns. At Mattr, we believe that this data should be available to everyone, in a way that’s easily consumable, affordable, and accessible anywhere.

Can you share some actionable insights, tips or best practices for utilizing social data once it’s obtained?
Our Brands App has been called a ‘strategy app’, because we’re providing the user with lots of interesting data, but it’s up to them to figure out how to best utilize that data. One tip would be to concentrate on your individual Marketing campaigns – and use our app to really dig in to your consumers. Figure out what types of people you’re targeting and which messages might resonate best, which segments you might be missing completely, or the market share you might wish to gain from your competitors. The Mattr app is all about targeting and personalization- getting the right messages, to the right people, in the right way.

Your company recently did a complete brand overhaul (formally known was whit.li). What were the biggest considerations that went into the strategy behind your new brand?
We sat down and really dove into how our company is bringing change to the world, where we hope to be in the future, and how we’re unique in our offering. That all boiled down to personality segmentation. Regarding our name, Mattr, we circled around the concept of how small pieces make up the full picture- especially when it comes to individuals and the underlying traits that make each of us unique in how we see and react to the world.