Dreamforce 2017

Dreamforce 2017: Applying the Power of Artificial Intelligence to all Industries

by Chelsea Barone

We are well into the Dreamforce 2017 agenda by now and have seen some thoughtful discussions on how technology is changing the way we do business, whatever business you’re in. With high caliber speakers like Marc Benioff, Ashton Kutcher, and even Michelle Obama, attendees have been challenged to think about the facets of business from the perspective of rising technology and how it can be leveraged most effectively.

Our sister publication, Retail Technology Insider, explored the Dreamforce 2017 attendee perspective on the evolving realm of retail. Technologies like AI and AR are changing it for the better and never looking back. AI’s role in marketing is no different. That level of intelligence brings to light so many different customer nuances that truly pave the way for success in any industry.

By being able to immediately react or, in some cases, predict the needs of a customer or client, AI arms marketers with knowledge that sets them up for success. There’s also something to be said about the increasingly digitalized experience that people have come to expect today.

Retail Technology Insider explains, “Optimizing the customer experience has always been and will likely always be the main focus for retailers, and with customers becoming increasingly familiar, nay expectant, with digital experiences driving their decision making, AI and AR will continue to be folded into retail strategy.”

Those expectations translate into a marketing scenario as technology that’s expected to be leveraged in a decision-making process. Marketers need to be able to anticipate reactions and perceptions, and the only sure-fire way to do that today is through the adoption of technologies like AI.

Modern Marketing Today is excited to cover  Dreamforce 2017, specifically sessions like “Supercharge Your Marketing with Sales Data,” “B2B Marketing Keynote: Marketing That Sales Teams Love,” and “All Treasure No Hunt: AI Will Transform Your Leads into Golden Opportunities.”

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