Driven by Data: The New World of Marketing

by Jenna Sindle

The Marketing Nation conference kicked off in San Francisco this week, bringing together the best and brightest minds in the digital transformation of marketing, IT, professional services, and more. The new world of marketing – one that is powered and driven by data was discussed in detail at several sessions during the first two days of the conference. Steven Lucas, CEO of Marketo kicked off the conference with his thoughts on the three rules of customer engagement. According to him, engagement is about offering a personalized experience in any medium, the way the customer chooses.

University Day at Marketing Nation took place on April 23 where attendees spent the day at Marketo University learning skills and techniques to become a better marketing professional.  Learning tracks were available for all levels from basic to advanced users, with extra excitement for the newbies.

Now, more than ever, leaders are looking to data with an expectation for actionable insights to drive better business outcomes. Analytics and data have always mattered, but with the abundance of data, how do you decipher what’s important? All of this and more was discussed in keynote sessions during the first few days of Marketing Nation.

There is no doubt IoT has shaken up every industry imaginable, and is a part of the new world of marketing. In a recent study conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, 65% of IoT device owners said that they are willing to see ads on their IoT screens, and the majority of those in the study already do. Devices examined in the study included connected cars, internet-enabled home control devices, internet-enabled appliances, smart watches, wearable health trackers, internet-enabled voice command systems, smart TVs, VR headsets and smart glasses.

A few things were made clear in the first few days of Marketing Nation about the new world of marketing and how it is changed and viewed today. Today, authenticity is key to a personalized marketing approach. Be real, and be honest with your customers.