The role of the field marketer is ever-changing, but the pace of change is particularly fast in this data-driven era.  And for many marketers, being able to keep up with best practices and learn from peers is often a pipe dream as they struggle to keep pace with the demands of their roles and the industry-wide changes.

But help is at hand!

Barbara Bernard, formerly of Pitney Bowes, but now the Head of Marketing at Learning Without Tears, and CEO and President of Strategic Communications Group, Inc., Marc Hausman, sat down recently to talk about how field marketers can thrive in a data-driven world.

Drawing on experiences from across Bernard’s marketing career – from the earliest days in eBusiness marketing, to delivering results with today’s sophisticated marketing automation tools – Marc and Barbara distill some key drivers of success for field marketers. While it might be no surprise that success comes from a combination of planning, identification, and communication, what might surprise field marketers are precisely who and what are the important components of these activities.

As Bernard points out, “Demand generation is the process of taking a prospect along a buyer’s journey and delivering them to sales at the right time.” And while the buyer’s journey might seem like a strategic plan in and of itself, Bernard is quick to caution field marketers that there are several important steps to take before strategy leads to success.

What exactly are those planning steps? Click on the podcast player to find out.

Hint…one of the key steps is collaborating with sales.

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