Experts Share What Makes Them Click On or Skip On Content at MozCon

by Jenna Sindle

As we wrap up our MozCon coverage, let’s examine one conference theme that has come up many times: Crafting content that inspires action.

Whether you’re writing an email, creating a landing page or posting an infographic, we all have goals for our content. If your content isn’t producing results, then what is the point? And better yet, how do you explain lack of engagement to the C-suite?

Below are some great MozCon do’s and don’ts of engaging content. Also below, Shany Seawright and Erica Pierson, Directors at Strategic Communications Group, share what inspires them to click on or skip on content.

Thank you for joining us during MozCon! Read full coverage here. Be sure to check back in early October for the latest from Dreamforce.