Fearless Marketers

Fearless Marketers Unleashed as Marketing Nation Summit 2018 Comes to an End

by Jenna Sindle

With Marketing Nation Summit 2018 wrapping up today, thousands of Fearless Marketers are returning to their organizations ready to connect engagement to demand and deliver success.  Empowered by both insight on the best ways to put Marketo’s platform to work as well as inspired by speakers, including Lindsey Vonn and Jamie Foxx, those who got to experience Marketing Nation in person will benefit enormously from the three day event.

However, for those who can’t be there in person, the Modern Marketing Today team has done a great job of covering the event and sharing the best practices and insights, particularly when it comes to putting analytics to work and the key attributes of fearless marketers.  On Monday, Jackie Davis took a look at the conversations that framed the conference kick-off on Twitter. Already it was evident that the focus was on how analytics and the tools that deliver insight are vital to a fearless marketer’s tool box.

Chelsea Barone took a closer look at what Marketo’s Chief Marketing Officer, Sarah Kennedy, had to share about her vision for the conference and what attendees would take away with them. In Chelsea’s analysis: “[a]s a marketer today, you can’t just rely on gut feelings and subjective opinions. Marketing strategies today are shaped by utilizing concrete data that sheds more light on customers than marketers 50 years ago could ever dream of.”

Later on the second day of the conference, Shany Seawright outlined the profile of a fearless marketer. While we would expect them to be data-driven, they are a lot more complex than just the modern incarnation of a marketer crossed with a data scientist. In fact their three most important attributes are that they are trustworthy, they are listeners, and they are resilient in the face of failure.  Ryan Schradin rounded out the day with a Moneyball-inspired ‘adapt or die’ approach. In his analysis of He shared one of the most notable data points of the conference; that only 35 percent of marketers have adapted to the data-driven era and are using analytics and insight to deliver better customer experiences and better engagement.

With nearly two-thirds of marketers still to fully embrace the data-driven era, this year should be an exciting one for the field. Thankfully, the opportunity to learn and continue the conversation about data and how it’s changing the face of marketing is just around the corner.

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