Peter ClarkThe modern marketer knows that omni-channel distribution of content is a powerful way to extend the reach of an organization’s message. However, simply firing out content across various platforms without considering how each channel is best-leveraged leaves room for missed opportunity.

A high-level integrated communications campaign that employs expert insight and plays to the strengths of each communication tactic is the best way to optimize message reach and impact.

Traditionally, access to high-level integrated communications has been restricted to only the most profitable organizations. Only large legacy marketing firms possessed the resources and bandwidth to put such intricate campaigns into motion, and the price of high-level expertise was exorbitant for the vast majority of clients.

However, one integrated marketing services holding company is changing all of that.

The CHR Group, headquartered in New York City, has a vision to bring a mix of high-level integrated marketing services to clients previously unable to find satisfying solutions.

“We’ve been talking about integrated communications and the omni-channel approach for a long time now – a mix of things is the most powerful way to develop a marketing plan,” said CHR Group CEO, Peter Clark. “At the CHR Group, we are committed to bringing something to the client that hasn’t been available before. Over the past 10-15 years, access to experts in integrated communications has really been the “zone” of high-end clients, which has caused a lot of frustration both for clients seeking high-level integrated communications solutions as well as for firms that lacked the ability to deliver.”

In the digital age of e-commerce and online commercial activity, navigating emerging marketing channels and communication tactics is tricky business.

“It’s a complicated world,” stated Clark. “Having great experts at your table is essential. By thinking outside the box and bringing different people together in innovative ways, The CHR Group has been able to provide our clients with access to exceptional marketing solutions.”

Clark attributes The CHR Group’s extraordinary success to the company’s unique structure and dedication to investing in the future.

“Here at The CHR Group, we have an opportunity to create growth and wealth in the marketplace,” said Clark. “Being an independently owned organization, we like to say we’re bringing back Madison Avenue circa 1972, meaning that each partner in our organization has a genuine investment in the future of this company. We care about results and our clients and our employees. That attitude attracts the best and the brightest and allows us to give the client what they want.”

With over 16 acquisitions in the past year, The CHR group predicts that 2015 will bring even more lucrative deals to the table, perhaps some even snagged from the rosters of large legacy firms. “As a partner-owned company, we have the ability to make decisions quickly and efficiently, “stated Clark. “And we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface.”

Clients of The CHR Group include such notable names as Nordstrom, U.S. Cellular and Dreyfus.

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