We are quickly approaching a holiday weekend, with Presidents’ Day taking place on this coming Monday. Every year we are prompted to reflect on the immense impact our presidents have had on our society and culture. It’s safe to say that there’s a lot to learn from these trailblazers. But how could that wisdom be applied through a marketing lens? How can we as marketers up our game with examples these public figures in mind?

Our friends at Campaigner, a robust email marketing solution, shared with Modern Marketing Today some important email marketing lessons to be learned from our presidents, including:


  • Strategize like Washington – As George Washington was strategic in his military campaigns, so should marketers be with their email campaigns.
  • Maintain an open mind like Jefferson – Thomas Jefferson was known for his openness to new ideas. Marketers too need to read, learn and listen as much as possible to trends, both positive and negative, and adjust email campaigns accordingly.
  • Try new thinks like Teddy Roosevelt – Theodore Roosevelt was known for being adventurous. Similarly, marketers should think outside the box and explore new email content that can help them reach subscribers.


Some wise advice for today’s marketers, especially with the industry becoming increasingly competitive and dynamic, along with the constant adoption of new martech.

“Marketers can learn from the traits of America’s leaders and use them as influences for their email campaigns this Presidents’ Day,” said Seamas Egan, director of sales and marketing at Campaigner. “Keep an open mind like Thomas Jefferson and incorporate trends like new social media features into your campaigns, or take a leaf out of Reagan’s book by using GIFs and video to keep subscribers entertained. Whichever president you choose to emulate, their leadership offers inspiration for this holiday and throughout the year to come.”

You can check out the full President’s Day infographic from Campaigner filled with valuable marketing lessons below:



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