Improving Web Form Abandonment with Progressive Thinking

by Jenna Sindle

trashIn the B2B marketing realm, nothing can be more frustrating than dealing with a low response rate or inaccurate information on web forms. Numerous studies report web form abandonment rates can be anywhere from 50%-90% and out of the ten percent that that do complete the form, only a fraction of the information gathered may be accurate.

Marketers strongly rely on form completions for lead generation which ultimately supports revenue growth. But with depressingly low response rates, how effective can this traditional approach be? What resources are out there for B2B marketers to improve not only the quantity, but also the quality of web form completions?

Enter Dynamic Progressive Forms (DPF), a recently released web-form building technology introduced by eTrigue as part of their DemandCenter Marketing Automation software package.

DPF can significantly increase web form response rates by asking more intelligent questions that attract prospects and keep their interest over time.

eTrigue reports that customers using eTrigue DPF, on average, see form completion rates double, and a significant increase in the quality of data collected.

“By gathering bits of prospect information over time rather than all at once, the reluctance of prospects to complete long forms to gain access to premium web site content is reduced. Geared primarily for B2B lead generation efforts, Dynamic Progressive Forms greatly reduces form abandonment, delivers higher conversion rates, and better aligns marketing and sales efforts.”

But who better to explain how this innovative new B2B marketing tool works than Jim Meyer, Vice President of eTrigue? Check out this short video of Meyer explaining eTrigue’s new technology and the benefits it offers B2B marketers: