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In a Content-Centric World Personalization is the Key to Success

by Chelsea Barone

With the volume of emails, text messages, and visual ads that consumers receive across multiple platforms not just each day, but each minute of the day, it’s become much harder for brands to make meaningful connections with their customers. The tactics that might have once worked to grab their attention and convert that interest into a purchase are now lost in the noise.

Of course, not all brands are getting lost in the noise. The smart brands, it turns out, are making successful connections with their customers through personalization. According to Chris Becwar Director of Product Marketing for Salesforce at Sitecore, being able to deliver a personalized experience for customers is at the heart of achieving success today. “It turns out that the antidote to all the noisy inboxes and feeds is to deliver experiences that are uniquely tailored, deeply relevant, and make a customer feel known,” he shared.

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While nearly 80 percent of marketers surveyed for a recent study by Sitecore and Salesforce on delivering individualized experiences stated that personalization is a top priority for their organization a much smaller number have actually embarked on the journey to deliver personalized communications. What stands in their way are not only the inherent complexities of personalizing communications – the need to ensure that communications are able to be tailored across channels regardless of language and location – but also the fact that the customer data that underpins personalization is trapped in silos and fractured across systems.

But, according to Becwar those obstacles are no longer insurmountable. He explained that “by implementing next-generation solutions like a state-of-the-art marketing cloud in combination with a best of breed digital experience management platform, the complex task of personalization becomes easy to implement, easy to scale, and can deliver important insights by being able to connect the dots across platforms and further driving the success of campaigns and deepening customer engagement.”

“As brands move past the idea of a website for shopping and focus on the website as experience, it’s essential that they can personalize each interaction with their platform,” Becwar continued. “The next step after breaking down the data silos and being able to tap into that intelligence is to then be able to manage digital assets through a single pane to further enhance the customer experience and communicate the right message – whether via content or image – at the right time to the right customer.”

With the data silos broken wide open and insights on customers’ actions and intentions flowing between all parts of the organization, brands are able to deliver the individualized experience that customers are demanding. Moreover, with the intelligence gained from these interactions, marketers are able to learn from each campaign and further improve the return on investment when delivering the next personalized step in the customer’s journey. And with all that in hand, marketers will be able to deliver the exceptional results customers demand and their brands deserve.

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