Gearing up for Inbound Marketing Summit 2013

by Jenna Sindle

IMS LOGO_UpdatedMarketers today face a number of obstacles in the marketplace. Whether trying to attract and engage with prospects, stay ahead of tech-savvy, overly-informed customers, or attempting to resonate with customers amidst the myriad of other marketing “noise”, marketers today are seeking and finding new strategies and tools to generate and nurture leads.

One of the most successful methods modern marketers have found to overcome these challenges and differentiate themselves has been inbound marketing. Gone are the days of relying solely on traditional marketing methods such as cold-calling, direct mail, radio, TV advertisements sales flyers and telemarketing. Through the use of educational, engaging, and entertaining content, inbound marketers can better attract and engage with customers.

So why should you care about inbound marketing? The proper use of inbound marketing techniques naturally drives traffic and customer engagement. This is critical for staying relevant because today, buyers are more informed than ever before; by the time they reach your company, most are likely towards the end of the buying cycle and already aware of their needs, wants and options.

By creating quality content that is in line with the interests of your prospects, they become well-nurtured leads and eventually customers, ultimately driving your pipeline without having the hassle of outdated outbound messaging.

This July in San Francisco and October in Boston, hundreds of knowledge-thirsty marketing executives, thought leaders and decision makers will come together to discuss the many challenges and best practices of inbound marketing at the annual Inbound Marketing Summit (IMS) 2013. The conferences, hosted by The Pulse Network, will feature quality conversations on social business, content marketing, mobile technologies and more in relation to best marketing practices.

Stay tuned while we gear up for IMS 2013! We’ll be sharing insights and thought leadership from IMS speakers and participants, as well as best practices, conference previews and highlights, and all-things inbound marketing.

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