Integrated Marketing in a Digital, Search and Social World

by Jenna Sindle

An undeniable shift has occurred in business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-government
(B2G) marketing and sales. Today, buyers have an increased understanding of vendors
and their solutions and, according to CEB, are nearly 70 percent of the way through the evaluation
process before ever engaging with a sales rep.

As a result, the impact of traditional marketing activities has become increasingly muted.
Modern marketers continue to champion the adoption of digital communications, social media
and search-friendly content programs in their organizations.

All of this with the goal of connecting with and influencing today’s customers.

However, with so many different channels available to the modern marketer, it can be easy to
fall into the trap of blogging, tweeting, posting or creating a graphic without consideration to how
these tactics reinforce and connect with your overall messaging.

Join Karen Borosky, Senior Marketing Manager at NetApp, on Wednesday, December 9 at
11:30 AM EST to discuss the importance of integrated marketing in today’s digital, search and
social world. Learn how to build an integrated strategy and connect the dots between all of your
marketing tactics.

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