Jason Galloway of KPMG Shares Tips for Marketers

by Jackie Davis

We recently spoke with Jason Galloway, Marketing Transformation and Technology Practice Lead at KPMG about the Marketing to the Connected Customer report. During this conversation, Galloway, who’s been in the marketing sector for over 15 years, shared some helpful tips for marketers today.

The first step for marketers is to embrace the changes and technology that are available. “Understand that things are changing, and you need to change with the times,” said Galloway. Marketers who embrace data are on the rise, and they are using that information to connect with customers.

“It’s one of the quickest changing areas,” he said. Ten or fifteen years ago we didn’t have Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. “The way things were done during the Mad Men age is much different than the way they are done today.”

As we move toward the era of the connected office, marketers will be expected to embrace this new tech and benchmark their initiatives with data and sales results. “Don’t get overwhelmed with the options and data,” shared Galloway. Start with small steps.

“People are buying all this technology, but they aren’t really sure of the value they are getting out of it,” he said. It can be overwhelming to determine what technology is best for you and your company and many marketers aren’t sure where to get started, he explained.

Don’t wait until everything is perfect or you’ll never get going. “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good,” Galloway said, a helpful reassurance that has stuck with him since college.

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