June Social Download: Paid Advertising

by Jackie Davis

Every marketer knows the challenge of handling a company social page. Posts need to be engaging yet simple, targeted yet general enough to attract an audience. It can be a struggle to grow a following organically, especially for those in the B2B space. To accelerate that growth, many marketers are turning to social advertising on one of the main social channels: LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram.

Tips from Pros on LinkedIn Ads

For the B2B marketer – LinkedIn is the place to thrive. One of the best ways to reach your target audience is to develop a strategy that includes advertising – which LinkedIn offers for almost any budget. However, it can be difficult to create and launch an ad if you don’t know where to begin. Members of the Forbes Agency Council came together to offer tips for marketers looking to create a compelling campaign on LinkedIn.

“Successful ads in the LinkedIn space always offer the user value and/or betterment in some way, shape or form. Hootsuite offers a great example of how to do sponsored social ads on the platform. They mainly push ads that offer value and education in building your social platforms. By building brand equity through ad space, you build brand trust, and brand trust sells. That formula is simple: Offer, don’t ask,” said Michael Smith of iTribe Social Inc.

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Twitter Campaign Options

Geared toward the trendy consumer, Twitter ads are a budget-friendly way for companies to advertise their product or service. With multiple ad options to choose from, it can be difficult to know which is best to meet your goals. Remembering who your audience is, what they like to do, and what interests them is key to a successful campaign.

Modern Marketing Today recently explored the different types of Twitter ads and which option is best for a select budget and goal.

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The Best Instagram Features

You likely won’t find many B2B companies investing a significant amount of time or money in Instagram, but for organizations that cater to consumers, this is the social platform for them. Originally a place to post pictures and try funky filters, Instagram has developed into something much more – a thriving community with an abundance of features.

From chat to live video, and just about everything in between, it’s important for marketers to familiarize themselves with the options available to meet customers in their domain. Learn some tips and tricks to get the most out of Instagram.

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