Keeping Customer Satisfaction the Top Priority for BPO Operations

by Heidi Bullman

In the past few weeks, the effects of COVID-19 have not only dominated the news cycle but also impacted both large and small businesses across the nation. Despite the impact of the coronavirus, companies, including BPO operations, are determined to keep customer satisfaction a priority without compromising business needs.

This means that the agents working within the BPO operations, including contact centers, need to be armed with practical solutions including chatbots and automated IVR messages. These solutions not only allow for the continuation of critical business functions but help to maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction as agents are inundated with work.

“As the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 increases across the United States and around the world, businesses are expressing valid concern around how their staff, customers, and day-to-day captive centers and BPO operations will be affected,” explained Lauren Kindzierski, VP of Consumer Engagement Solutions at HGS. “To maintain employee safety as well as deliver quality care during this public health crisis, HGS is providing clients with up-to-date communications and offering proactive solutions to keep daily operations going with minimal interruption.”

By using automated services including chatbots and IVR messages straight forward requests are handled, freeing up traditional agents for more complex tasks at a significantly lower cost for companies. While using these features, customers are able avoid long wait times due to peak volumes while experiencing a humanlike and personalized conversational experience.

As the virus peaks over the next few weeks, healthcare organizations will continue to focus on the health and wellness of employees, much like industry leader HGS who moved 70 percent of their global BPO operations to remote work within only a few weeks, while maintaining daily operations and business continuity. Through other initiatives aimed at combating COVID while providing business continuity — like HGS’s Nurse Triage Services — and the implementation of automated services including chatbots, IVR messages, and other services, traditional business operations are supported to ensure that business remains as normal as possible during this turbulent time.

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