Fearless Marketer

Are you Fearless? Key Attributes of the Fearless Marketer

by Shany Seawright

Are you fearless? Thousands of marketers have flocked to this year’s Marketo Marketing Nation Summit, where the theme is The Fearless Marketer. It got us thinking, that in today’s environment, marketers can’t afford to play it safe and continue to develop the same traditional marketing programs that have always checked a box. If you really want to understand your customers, make an impact, and move the needle in terms of revenue impact and retention, you need to get uncomfortable and push yourself.

So what defines a fearless marketer? We checked in with the crowd at Marketing Nation Summit 2018 to identify key attributes:

We Wear Many Hats: Marketer to Data Scientist. The wearing of many hats, will probably never change for a marketer. But today’s modern marketer is also a data scientist. We study the trends of customers, analyze customer data, and make decisions based on customer feedback.

We Keep our Ears Open: We are listening to customers and prospects and engaging them, before anyone else in the company. As always, our ears our open and we are using new tools, technologies, and content strategies to create engagement early on in the customer journey.

We are Customer Obsessed and Believe in Trust: Today’s fearless marketer knows that engagement is critical and it requires trust and relationship building. We often find that we are fighting against traditional methods of shouting messages about ourselves. We counsel our teams to leverage data to make more insightful decisions and use content to start a conversation.  We know that it’s always a two-way street for successful engagement. And while it might take time, it’s worth it in the end to build trust and loyalty.

We Are Not Afraid to Fail: Above all else, the fearless marketer knows that failure is okay, and it is even expected at times. It’s how we learn, and how we continue to innovate.

We Know its Worth It: The fearless marketer doesn’t have an easy path ahead of them. But in the end, they will find the right notes to play and make beautiful music.

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