We are living in a day and age when information is increasingly available, yet far more questionable than ever before. In other words, there is a lot of noise and little worth hearing. In this 30-minute webinar hosted by Strategic Communications Group and eTrigue, featuring Michael Riemer of Decisiv, discover why becoming a thought leader and content marketer is crucial for evolving sales and marketing for increased ROI.

Decisiv is a cloud-based software provider that serves business-to-business customers who manage commercial assets. The company recently developed DecisivConnect, a new sales enablement program that brings together content creation, promotion, new sales processes and marketing automation. A few major takeaways:

  • (Exceptional) Content is king: Content creation and thought leadership positioning (through platforms like corporate blogs) help establish your company as a valuable and knowledgeable resource in a community. By promoting this content to the right targets, you will earn readership in a niche community.
  • Why integrating sales and marketing is a good thing: Salespeople are on the front lines so they have insight into how to produce content your prospects might be interested in.
  • Marketing automation is the icing on top: Using marketing automation for your campaigns and content distribution can help reinforce your targeting by tailoring messages and calls to action specifically for certain prospects.

Content creation and content marketing could very well be the solution to sticking out in a crowd, as long as you engage in these best practices and target your content. You wouldn’t want to get lost out there!

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