Live From the Floor of the 2015 Future of Marketing Summit

by Jenna Sindle

We’re live from the floor at the 2015 Future of Marketing Summit in New York City! Industry experts are taking the stage to share hot marketing tips, trends and best practices coming up in 2016 and we’re on-site to share them with you.

Industry disruption is a major theme at this year’s event. According to Spotify CMO, Seth Farbman, “Companies learn a painful lesson when they stop innovating and disrupting. Forward-thinking, risk-taking individuals are dominating industries and taking on the responsibility of leading their markets into the future.”

Personalization is a hot topic as well. The US Group Lead at Facebook, Erik Hawkins, shared this 2014 Super Bowl coca-cola commercial as an example of the power of personalizing one piece of content for each one of your target demographics. Coca-cola marketed the commercial through Facebook utilizing unique copy for each target demographic to increase the reach and impact of the commercial.

Virtual reality brought an exciting shift in topics mid-morning. Adrian Slobin, VP of SapientNitro described current e-commerce as a “flat experience”.

“Imagine being able to try on a dress or see how a piece of furniture could look in your apartment in real-time instead of looking at a flat image on your computer screen. Virtual reality makes that possible.”

Kathleen Hall, Corporate VP of Global Advertising at Microsoft gave a moving talk on finding your brand’s emotional core and constantly repositioning your message to maintain relevance. “We were Goliath. We became David,” Hall said in reference to Microsoft’s repositioning after being jabbed by Apple’s “I’m a PC, I’m a Mac” campaign.

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