Live from the Boston Salesforce WorldTour

by Jenna Sindle

The Salesforce World Tour kicked off in Boston this morning. With marketing technology topping the priority lists of industry leaders, this event offers marketers an opportunity to hear accounts of Salesforce success and discover new ways to enhance the customer journey.

We’ll be providing exclusive coverage of the Salesforce World Tour throughout the day. Here’s what has happened so far:

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Boston institution, the Dropkick Murphys, kicked off the morning keynote with upbeat Celtic tunes. And surprise guest, Bill Belichick, addressed attendees.

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The Dropkick Murphys kicks off the Salesforce World Tour in Boston

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Surprise guest, Bill Belichick, addresses Salesforce World Tour attendees in Boston.

Salesforce president and COO, Keith Block, took to the stage for the morning keynote presentation. “It’s no longer just about customer success. It’s about the customer journey,” said Block. “Our customers want to know that Salesforce shares their values.”

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Sales force COO and President, Keith Block, inspires the crowd.

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“We’ve never seen this rate of change in human history,” continued Block. “Unshackle yourselves from legacy technology and innovate. Or die.”

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Block also spoke to innovative technology companies, such as Uber, and how a small idea can grow into an incredibly successful business with the right tools and outlook.

Ryan Schradin, a director at Strategic Communications Group, agrees. “I work a lot with emerging technology companies. They’re constantly in meetings and looking for funding. Their job requires them to be road warriors. CRM solutions like Salesforce allow for great visibility to pipeline and flexibility while new businesses are growing.”

“Service is the new sales,” said Salesforce’s marketing admin. “Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows you to create one-to-one customer journeys. You can personalize content and make tailored recommendations.”

The first half of the Salesforce World Tour pushed a big theme: It’s all about the customer journey. In the past, everything has been geared toward customer success, but it’s not all about just getting there, it’s how.

“The metric of success for sales people is not how many times they’ve touched the customer, but converting leads and driving revenue,” said Schradin.

While the customer journey is undeniably important, customer touches and interactions alone do not drive revenue. It’s important for sales and marketing to work closely together to create roadmaps for customers that ultimately lead to more business.

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