Looking Back on the Future of Marketing Summit

by Jenna Sindle

Yesterday brought Modern Marketing Today to the Future of Marketing Summit, an event hosted by the Financial Times and located at the beautiful 10 on the Park at Time Warner Center in New York City.

The conference featured short talks, panels and dialogues focused on industry best practices, new and emerging technologies, and innovative thought leadership for marketing professionals, and also boasted an exceptional set of speakers — including Russell Wallach, president of Live Nation’s media and sponsorship division, McAfee CMO, Penny Baldwin, and Jonathan Perelman, VP of motion pictures at BuzzFeed.

Couldn’t make it? Don’t worry! Below are some highlights from the event:

In the morning hours of the conference, Meabh Quoirin, Managing Director of the Future Foundation, took the stage to give a short talk on de-mystifying marketing to Generation Y, which was followed by a panel discussion and some response from Generation Y marketers. A lively conversation took off on the subject as the presenters debated over the best ways to engage with a generation brought up in the digital age.

Did you know that by 2015 millennials globally will have a spending power of $2.45 trillion? Understanding how to effectively engage with Generation Y is essential to the modern marketer’s survival.

What is the number one thing that Generation Y is looking for when engaging with brands? Transparency!



In the early afternoon, Mike Lazerow of Salesforce and Cory Treffiletti of Oracle Marketing Cloud teamed up in a fascinating dialogue on the omni-channel approach. They stressed the importance of crafting a consistent story across every channel that your audience utilizes in order to maintain a progressive image.

One stand-out theme in the presentation was the fact that often-times marketers feel in over their heads when it comes to the technologies they are applying in their marketing strategies. For instance, Lazerow touched on some of the conundrums facing the modern marketer when it comes to implementing Salesforce. Check out this article to read more about harnessing the full power of your Salesforce CRM.




Later in the day Joel Lunenfeld of Twitter took the stage and delivered an inspiring message on the art of digital storytelling. One of the interesting points that Joel made was that an advertisement and a tweet essentially have the same content, and that customers will engage with logos in the place of real people.



The Future of Marketing Summit brought together a myriad of vibrant, successful professionals in the marketing world and allowed for candid and inspiring discussions on what marketers have to do to progress and thrive in the digital age. We hope to see you at next year’s event!