CMO - Chief Marketing Officer

Make an Impact with This Gartner First 100 Day Guide for CMO’s

by Jackie Davis

Finally – you’ve been promoted to Chief Marketing Officer. All those Tweets, campaign plans, and story pitches have paid off and now you’re in charge. Before you relish in the victory, there are a few things you need to do – and the first is plan. What do you want to accomplish? What can make that happen? Who do you need to get onboard? 

Start with the short-term. The first 100 days in your new position will set the tone for the future. Now is the time to hire new team members, build relationships, and bump elbows with the CEO. This may sound overwhelming, but by breaking your first 100 days into six phases, you can create an effective plan for the present and future. 

“A key determinant of success is ensuring job expectations are aligned by understanding your role, scope and influence,” said Marc Brown, research director, Gartner for Marketers. “Above all, strong communication will greatly enhance your chances of success.”

Phase 1: Communicate

You should be communicating with your team and key stakeholders constantly. Keeping everyone in the loop is important to success from campaign planning to data review.

Phase 2: Prepare 

Days 10 through 15 you should focus on knowing – knowing your role, expectations, organization, and team. Take this time to immerse yourself in your brand and get ready to spread the word.  

Phase 3: Assess 

Until day 30, assessing goals, priorities, and staffing is a smart play. Use this time to chat with customers, evaluate marketing spending, and keep your stakeholders up to date on plans.

Phase 4: Plan 

Days 15 to 45 are a pivotal time to plan your marketing strategy, address any looming issues, and create plans for some small early wins. Taking this span of time to understand the company will prepare you for tasks to come. 

Phase 5: Act 

From days 30 to 80, it’s time to jump in. Establish relationships, build trust, and learn from feedback. Launch a test project from your marketing plan and coordinate with your team to make it a success. 

Phase 6: Measure

This final phase, from days 45 to 100, is focused on assessing the outcomes of the relationship and projects you began. Something didn’t work? Craft a new strategy for next time. Display outcomes to stakeholders by preparing a presentation that explains key findings and establishes your team as a key player. 

Starting a new role is hard, especially one as demanding as CMO, but with the right plan, you’ll be showing success in no time.

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