Mark Amtower Says It’s Time to Evaluate the Events We Marketers Attend

by Jackie Davis

There seems to be an endless amount of marketing, networking, conferences, and other events that creatives can fill their time with – but are they worth it? Events that you may have attended in the past may no longer be worth the time and money and new events may feel foreign.

How can you find the right events to mingle with professionals in your field? What are the criteria for classifying an event as “worth it?”

In a recent blog by Mark Amtower who specializes in government marketing strategy and helps business-to-government (B2G) marketers connect with their intended audience, Amtower discussed how he chooses what events to attend and offers advice for marketers to create their criteria.

“Networking is always key. Will I meet new people who might be interested in what I do? Will I see people I know but perhaps have not seen for a while?” said Amtower. “Networking should be key for all of us, as we each need the appropriate amount of visibility.”

Will you learn something new at the event? A conference or briefing might offer marketers the opportunity to hear from industry experts. Aside from connecting and learning, there are basic factors that also come into play like proximity and cost.

“The search for the “right” event is never-ending. I continue to run across groups, clusters of like-minded people hosting private events,” explained Amtower. “There is a need to occasionally review what you attend and why, then decide to continue or perhaps vacate.”

It’s important for marketers to evaluate the events they attend and take a fresh look at those they have not. You never know what you could be missing out on.

“Events are part of the lifeblood of our industry, but they can also be a huge time-suck with minimal return. They can help you meet the right people and sometimes help you advance your career,” said Amtower. “Develop your own criteria for selecting venues that are the right ones for you.”

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