Marketers Must Consider These Things as 2020 Begins

by Jackie Davis

With only two weeks left in 2020, it’s time for marketers to look ahead to the new year. For marketers specializing in the government sector, this is especially important as the 2020 elections draw near. Recently, Mark Amtower, who specializes in government marketing strategy and helps business-to-government (B2G) marketers connect with their intended audience, outlined things to consider in 2020.

Amtower outlined four areas that marketers should evaluate:

Networking Events:

Networking breakfasts, happy hours, and lunches are a great way to meet people in your field. “Associations such as AFCEA, ACT/IAC, and PSC are equally important as you get into your 2020 and beyond market planning. The exposure you can receive by actively participating in events and associations is essential for your company’s growth,” said Amtower.

Choosing the events that you go to is just as important. Pick events that host a topic and attendees that can help your organization grow.

Agency-Based Marketing:

“When you have a beachhead in a particular agency, you need to think about how to grow your presence in that agency,” explained Amtower. “It is easier to expand inside an agency where you are known rather than to go after new business in another agency.”

Use the resources that you already have wisely. LinkedIn can also be of help to federal marketers. You can find contacts for employees and connect with valuable people using the Six Degrees of Separation rule.

Consider a Consultant:

“One other factor is to consider bringing in a consultant with deep market knowledge to help you review your go to market plan before you start implementing,” said Amtower.

Brainstorming sessions with your leadership team can be invaluable while planning for the “what if” scenarios that might arise and leveraging an expert consultant may be the answer.

Gather Intelligence:

“So my final tip on things to consider when you are proceeding in the year 2020 and beyond planning is to gather intelligence from multiple sources that is useful and that will be used by your executive team and frontline managers as you proceed,” Amtower said.

Share this intelligence with your sales, marketing, and finance teams to make sure the entire team is striving towards the same goal.