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Marketing Content Hub: The Modern Way to Connect Engagement to Demand

by Kelsey Winick

When it comes to success in the digital age, content remains king. Regardless of industry, organizations continue to invest in content to connect engagement to demand. But keeping up with today’s demand often creates content management headaches for brands when it comes to the process of creating and measuring the value, such as knowing what content is driving connections and conversions, when content is being used, and optimizing content to fuel the buyer’s journey.

To help organize, track, and distribute content, marketers are turning to a centralized content hub. According to Sitecore, a leader in the space, a content hub is a single, integrated system that enables brands to manage content from end-to-end in one place. By leveraging a content hub, brands are able to deliver a cohesive experience for the end user while streamlining internal workflows.

“Software is rarely the solution by itself, but it helps,” said Tim Pashuysen, Chief Strategy Officer, Sitecore Content Hub. “The Sitecore Content Hub is built around the idea of doing things between your back-office systems and your channels – essentially being a hub that connects everything.”

The content hub connects systems, including Digital Asset Management (DAM), Content Marketing Platform (CMP), Product Content Management (PCM), Marketing Resource Management (MRM), and more, acting as a home base for organizations to store and access their digital assets as well as collaborate across departments.

Through the use of a content hub, marketers can create and leverage content that will enable them to connect quickly and seamlessly with their customers and power personalized experiences. In a crowded marketplace where customers have many choices, it is essential that brands can put their content to work effectively. A content hub enables omnichannel reach and frees brands from the challenges of content marketing.

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