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MarTech News Roundup: Advice from the Experts About Adopting MarTech Solutions

by Chelsea Barone

Now that we are just more than halfway through 2017, it’s a good time to reflect on what marketing tactics and strategies have been successful and what should be adopted so you can end the year with a bang. Modern Marketing Today has compiled a few recent articles from industry experts that share advice around the adoption of MarTech solutions and how we can expect the relationship between technology and marketer grow. Read on to hear what these experts have to say about MarTech looking forward:

MarTech: Making Marketers More Independent

As the role of “marketer” has become increasingly analytical and data-driven, responsibilities for data analysis and number crunching have greatly increased. That said, this increase has sparked a rise in intelligent MarTech solutions that help overwhelmed marketers automate these mundane tasks, enabling them to utilize their brainpower on more strategic efforts. Sushman Biswas explains on MarTech Advisor that by letting technology bear some of the load and trusting in the story the data is telling, marketers can make educated decisions without intensively laboring over data points.

Four Marketing Technology Lessons via Salesforce’s State of Marketing Repor

According to Salesforce’s recent State of Marketing Report, technology’s influence continues to permeate throughout the marketing profession. Larry Dignan of ZDnet explains that AI usage is on the rise, especially when it comes to continuous media fragmentation and more advanced email marketing strategy. MarTech solutions are even spurring change in business structure with the evolution of the Chief Marketing Officer to the Chief Growth Officer. Because technology has closely intertwined the marketing and IT operations of a company, we can expect to see some real structural shakeups.

Omnichannel Marketing: How to Deliver Consistency and Strong Customer Service

In an ever-expanding world of content, the most effective way to communicate with your audience is with a consistent message. That consistency assures the customer that there is no confusion about your mission or story or even logo. A recent article from Forbes offers advice from 11 different communications executives about the most reliable ways to stay consistent across all the necessary channels now used in marketing. The importance of marketing technology tools is highlighted in this overview; marketers have no choice but to embrace MarTech solutions if they want to remain organized in an omnichannel world.