Big data has a firm grasp on virtually every industry today. With invaluable insights that can be applied to improve any business scenario, big data isn’t going anywhere and professionals know they have to lean into its presence to be successful. Marketers are no exception. Gone are the days of arbitrary, subjective marketing decisions; embracing the knowledge that data provides is a step in the right direction. Read on to learn about how marketing influencers interpret big data’s role in business today and how marketers are adapting.

Is Big Data Helping or Harming Marketing Prediction Practices?

Because data is easier to create and harness than ever before, the subjective guesswork in many business operations is dwindling. Big data empowers us to make accurate, educated predictions about pretty much anything, be it election results, city infrastructure needs or even marketing and sales strategy. According to Mike Bainbridge at Marketing Tech News, “Data helps us tell a compelling story, it helps us understand what our customers want, what they feel and ultimately helps us predict how they will react.” That being said, it’s important to remember that insights gleaned from data sets are only as accurate as we want them to be and the process by which we gather these insights should be heavily scrutinized for truly accurate results.

The Key Elements that Mold a Coveted, Data-Driven Marketer

Data-driven marketing is essentially a given in today’s business world. With all the value that data presents companies, business leaders are charging towards a “digital transformation” and they expect the same digital uptake from their marketing teams. Josh Nash, VP of Strategy and Market Development at RedPoint Global, shares 5 essential characteristics of a successful, data-driven marketer with MarTechAdvisor. According to Nash, creativity, customer focus, innovation, the ability to make decisions, and results orientation are the trains that help shape the mind-set that CEOs seek in their CMOs and marketing teams today.

Agile, Creative, Data-Savvy Marketers are Imperative in the B2B World

The ability to quickly adapt and wear many hats within a company is not only a valuable trait for today’s marketers, it is essential. Operating with a sense of urgency is a useful marketing mindset. Strategic Guy’s Marc Hausman explains, “Marketers have been resilient during the past few years and, as a result, have acquired new skills and responsibilities.  I hear about this every day when speaking with clients and prospects. Yet, I do think a heightened level of urgency will serve us well.” Hausman goes on to describe the three critical roles a marketer plays at his or her respective company: Storyteller, Big Data Guru and Fearless Crusader.

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